Care in the manufacturing processes.

Calzaturificio Brunate has always paid great attention to all stages of the manufacturing process. Technical experts follow every detail with meticulous attention, in order to maintain the highest level of product quality.

01. Project

This is where every shoe starts out. Designers and technicians set up the last, make detailed drawings of the upper, garnments, soles and heels and decide what the shoe will look like and how it will be produced. Once the design phase is over, thanks to a CAD software, the prototype department produces the first few models for testing purposes.

02. Cutting

The process of the leather cutting can be realized by hand, by templates and press, by CAD technology using computer aided cutting machines.
The secret of this phase is in the cutters ability of leather selection.

03. Binding

This is where the individual parts of the upper are assembled. Depending on the model, well over 50 parts may be involved before the upper can be done. Folding, assemblying, lining insertion hand stitching and machine stitching are the main operations.

04. Assembly

Once the upper is ready, the assembly starts on the line. The process begins by fastening the upper to the insole and the last. The shoe is then passed through a oven that dries leather and glue. The shoe will then fell and bond to the outsole by using special water based adhesives. The shoe will then threated with a special press machine that ensures perfect matching and assembling between upper and outsole. The heel is fastened to the sole and the shoe is then sent to the finishing phase where the shoe is cleaned and the leather is ironed with hot steam, polished with special creams and brushed. The final result is an unique pair of shoes.

05. Final check

All the shoe’s components are given one final check. The shoe is given a general visual inspection and checked for scratches. Left and right feet must match perfectly. Only after this thorough final check is the protective fabric travel bag applied. The shoe is boxed and sent to the despatch department.